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Thunder Thoughts: Sacramento vs Oklahoma City

Live Blog:


Kind of disappointed that Weaver is in a suit tonight.

As mentioned earlier, Thabo got a contract extension. I'm really glad that we are keeping this guy around.

The scoreboard looks amazing on TV, I can't imagine what it's like in person.

Undefeated, let's keep it that way for a few games.

Glad to see Mason and the Thunder players meeting and talking before the game. I hope we can bring that guy back after he retires. He will be a great assistant coach.

First Quarter:

First points of this season: Jeff Green for THREEEE

The chemistry between Westbrook and Durant looks to have improved this offseason.

Great early rebounding by the Thunder.

Thabo has been working on his corner 3 all off season, and it shows.

Great job defensively on Martin early in the quarter.

Westbrook is making it a point to get the ball to Krstic.

Lot's of movement in the offense so far this season.

Thunder UP early 20 – 10 after the first 6 minutes of the game. The defensive principles from the preseason are really showing right now. Let's see if they can keep it up.

Full court press out of the time-out. We didn't see much (if any) of that last season.

If Krstic is spent from the Euroleague, it isn't showing. (Would still like for him to rebound a bit more)

One of Westbrook's criticisms is his lack of a decent jump shot, he is showing off a much improved jumper right now.

Seven assists for the Thunder at the 4:15 mark.

KD's shooting is a bit dry at the moment, but he is rebounding well. And man is this guy INTENSE.

Etan Thomas is in, let's see what he can do in his first real minutes as a member of the team.

Kevin Ollie in to relieve Westbrook for a bit.

Glad to see Collison back healthy, also James Harden is on the floor for the first time.

Thomas missed a dunk...come on man. He has opened some lanes, and played solid D right now, though.

First Thunder turnover at 1:06. I respectfully agree with this!

KD is so quick, and can absolutely slice through defenses.

Last season OKC's best quarter was 39, they got that in the first quarter of the first game this season. (Thank you broadcasters) 39 – 22 at the end of the First.

Second Quarter:

KD has 10 points, Krstic has 11 to start the 2nd

James Harden gets his first professional points off a Thomas screen. Nice lil' jumper.

Sacramento is getting vocal about the refs right now.

The Kings don't have an answer for Green.

The Thunder girls have chaps now...yup...

Westbrook jumper, yes!

The Kings...well...they seem to fall down a lot.

The Thunder are playing with so much energy right now.

Offensive rebound by Thomas. That's what we need.

Westbrook 6 – 4 – 4 right now. Good line, I must say. (7:08 left)

Just two turnovers for the Thunder at 6:37...3 now, after a poor pass from Westbrook

Westbrook to Durant, you will hear that a lot in the future

This team has a lot of hustle

After passing off the drive for much of the first half, Sacramento isn't looking for Westbrook to go all the way to the hoop.

Durant and Green have 15 with 1:51 left.

If Martin doesn't get to the line, then the Kings are down by 14 more points...

Speaking of the foul line, Krstic has gotten there quite a few times in the first half.

KD is so strong when he comes to the basket. He just powers by defenders. (17 points now)

68 - 51

Halftime Thoughts:

Four OKC players in double digits.

If this is any hint at what this season is going to be like, Oklahoma City is going to be a strong contender. They are playing with intensity, and competing on every possession. While other programs may not be impressed by that, OKC let games slip away because of inactivity.

Westbrook is showing that he has improved immensely this off season. Court vision, jump shot, game speed, everything seems to have improved.

The production value of the pregame videos, and television graphics have improved a TON. Yes, I realize that they only had a month to figure it out last season. But improvement, is improvement.

The Thunder UP video and song were fine the first few times I heard them...the first few times...

Third Quarter:

Wow! Green has such a great looking shot from three point land.

Not much more that Sefolosha can do against Martin. He has had a hand in his face the whole game.

Krstic with a little baby hook, did he have that move last season? Krstic has had a great game inside, only a couple of jump shots from the big man.

Westbrook with a double double already. 10 points 10 assists (and 4 rebounds) 9:30

Desmond Mason has his first points in purple at 8:58.

Jeff Green looks to have taken his game to a new level this season. The broadcast team can't stop talking about all the little things (screens, letting plays develop, and such) he is doing right.

Sefolosha from outside, I'm really liking his new offensive game. He's really earning that new contract. (OKC 81 Sac 58)

Mason almost took out the broadcast team, trying to get corral a ball. He almost got to the second row of media people. The replay is quite awkward.

Turnovers up to 9. But they are limiting points off of those turns.

Over three minutes since the Thunder last scored.

Westbrook scores over a seven footer...yes. Westbrook looks to have slight discomfort in his knee. He is all smiles, though, which is good.

We've yet to see Livingston. Wonder why Coach Brooks has played Ollie so much.

Green gets an elbow to the nose. Takes a bit for him to get up. At least he got the charge.

It's a pity when hustle plays become turnovers (Harden jumped out of bounds to keep a ball in play, but Ollie was called for a back court violation when he grabbed the ball)

5 turns this quarter for the Thunder, same as the entire first half.

Collison is such a quality player. He doesn't put up numbers, but he is solid and knows the game. Say what you might, I enjoy watching the guy.

Only Martin has double figures for Sacramento. Tyreke Evans leads the rest of their team with 8, and he is on the bench right now with four fouls.

OKC 89 SAC 68

Fourth Quarter:

Kevin Martin is on the bench with his jersey off. The ankle is probably still hurting him.

Harden with a big three. We need that from him. The Thunder didn't have any outside shooting last season. He is having a bit of trouble fouling and in transition right now. Sefolosha comes in with hopes of stopping a hot streak from Sacramento.

The Thunder have learned how to take charges this season. There have been at least 3 in the second half.

Nocioni just can't hang with Green. When he tries to, he fouls Uncle Jeff. Big match up problems.(92 - 75)

Apparently, Oklahoma City got a huge "Thunder Drum" bass drum. Very "Rumbley"...

Big collision on a potential alley-oop. (Note: OKC doesn't have an offensive rebound in the second half. Hopefully, that has something to do with the substantial lead) Everyone is ok, though.

Martin is back in the game, by the way. Guess he just didn't feel like wearing his jersey.

Thunder in a 2.5 minute dry spell.

I am SO impressed with Jeff Green, right now. A handful of threes today. Also, OKC has had great ball movement tonight.

97 - 78

Westbrook sets a career high with 13 assists.

100 points with 4:53 left. The scoring on this team has improved dramatically!

The Kings have played very good defense against KD tonight. And he is still sitting at 23 points, that is impressive for an "off night" of shooting.

ESPN says that Livingston has a steal, but their play by play chart doesn't have his name anywhere. Can you get a steal while not being in the game?

Surprisingly, no Serge Ibaka tonight. I was looking forward to seeing him play tonight. He probably won't see much time early in the season, the preseason was just a tease.

OKC is just trying to milk the clock right now. Not much offense going on for the Thunder.

18,203 in attendance tonight. Keep those numbers up Thunder Fans. Prove that we deserve this great young team.

Final: 102 - 89

Thunder Win!

Final Thoughts:

This game was very exciting for any Thunder fan. Four players scored in double figures, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both recorded double doubles, Jeff Green just took over the low post, Krstic showed that he can have a powerful presence beneath the basket, and the list goes on.

The Thunder lead by as many as 31 points before it was able to cost to the finish. There are a lot of great things to draw from this game. However, they struggled (at times) defending the outside shot. This will, surely, improve as they get more adjusted to the defense.

Player of the Game: Russell Westbrook 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 13 assists. His improvement over the Summer has been outstanding. I can't wait to keep watching this guy develop.

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